Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harassing Our Management Company

Lovely. I'm blogging from the study lounge in Parkside Arts and Humanities because at the moment, the internet in my apartment has been disconnected.

Thank you, STUHO.

Our apartment has been having internet issues all semester, thanks in part to our management company (STUHO - yes, I'm calling you out). At the beginning of the year, we had one unsecured internet modem for the entire apartment complex. That meant that 6 apartment units were sharing one wireless router. Each apartment unit contained approximately 6 - 8 residents. That adds up to approximately 36 -48 residents using the same wireless router. At the time, our wireless was essentially nonfunctional - it would take 30 minutes to stream a 3 minute Youtube clip. This spanned approximately one month.

After much harassing (through phone, email, and in-person visits) for a month, STUHO finally conceded and gave each apartment unit its own internet modem. But they adamantly refused to provide us with a wireless router. Once again, we were internet-less for about a week trying to settle this wireless router situation.

And STUHO was doing so well up to this point. For the past two months, I didn't need to harass them about any contractual obligations that they were failing to carry out.

Until now.

Time Warner cut off our internet because STUHO failed to pay the internet bill. It's the ONLY utility that they are contractually obligated to pay for and they still FAIL...

I guess its time for more harassment by phone, email, and in-person visits until they pay our internet bill and get Time Warner to reinstate our internet service.

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