Friday, November 19, 2010

It's All About Office Hour

Here's my third exam for EXSC 405L: Applied Systems Physiology. This class has been the bane of my existence this semester, the perpetual thorn in my side. It's not even hard material - the tests are simply tricky. When compounded with the professor's adamant refusal to curve the test, this class is like a living hell. But I've made marked improvement compared to my first test:

That was a sad, sad grade.

I despised this class because the exams were near impossible. No matter how much you studied or how much of the lecture notes you memorized, there were constant tricks and potholes in the test.

So I went to office hour. I went to a lot of office hours. I spent two hours every week in office hour. And I ended up getting a 127/150 on the last exam, a grade that is leaps and bounds above my first exam grade.

I think the factor behind my success was office hours. I spent two hours in Dr. Kolb's office picking his brain about potential exam questions. On the last exam, he had already gone over many of the trickier questions with us in office hours which made his test a lot easier.

Moral of the story: go to office hours.

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