Monday, November 8, 2010

Now I Know What Hell Must Feel Like...

Only in a kinesiology lab will you be required to exercise in a sauna for over 30 minutes. It was 47C and 45% humidity in the sauna. I know we do a lot of crazy labs in this department (dunking myself into a tank of water at 8am, maxing out on the treadmill, getting my own blood samples for a blood lipid/glucose test), but this one was the craziest of all. Direct quote from one of the girls in my lab group – “now I know what hell must feel like“.
But the hotness in the sauna was somewhat soothing since the weather here in southern California just took a dive. Whereas it was over 90F just last week, it’s now 60F (16C) outside with wind chill reminiscent of Chicago.

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