Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paranormal Entity

To ring in Thanksgiving vacation on Wednesday, Chris & Co infiltrated a classroom auditorium at Harvey Mudd to watch a pirated version of Paranormal Activity 2. Except the file that was labeled "Paranormal Activity 2" was actually "Paranormal Entity", a knock-off of the critically acclaimed horror film. The movie was amateur. It was pretty bad (though nothing is as bad as the horror movie Jennifer's Body starring Megan Fox).

We collectively agreed that we could have filmed a better horror movie by ourselves, which is saying something since our first home-made horror movie for our Spanish III class drew scathing reviews on YouTube.

(although I'm still confounded that people on YouTube actually took the time to watch our novice horror film... what's more, they informed a group of Asian American kids taking high school Spanish III that we had "un español con acento inglés, deberían mejorarlo tratando de eliminar el acento inglés". No shit, Sherlock.)

Despite the horrible movie, I was glad to spend quality time with Chris & Co. making fun of every scene in the movie. This movie might have been a drag if I were watching it with another group of people.

I appreciate the comfort level that we have with one another. We've all known each other since middle school and the boys have known each other since elementary school. We can confide in each other about wanting to score a girlfriend, wanting to get a boyfriend, douchebags, cock blockers, bad boyfriends, etc. and know that the members of Chris & Co are on your side (and not judging your actions and intents).

And I'm eternally thankful for that. Though college might feel like a transitory phase where I meet few quality, long-lasting friends, I know that I'll always have Chris & Co.

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