Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spring 2011 Courses

My course list for next semester. Let's pray that next semester is a load better than this semester.
  • Physiology of Exercise (EXSC 300L): my advisor said that this class is all about muscle anatomy and how they function in exercise. The whole class is centered on muscles - muscle development, muscle structure, muscle organization, muscle fibers, muscle endurance, muscle strength, muscle damage, etc. There is the standard 3-hour lab section but I'm not stuck with Bara or Dr. Kolb (both of whom are known to grade hard).

  • Human Anatomy (EXSC 301L): memorizing all the different parts of the body. Before I forget, we will be learning more information about muscles...

  • Introduction to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HP 200): introduction to strategies promoting health and wellness. This class is supposed to be somewhat of a joke.

  • Cultural Competence in Medicine (HP 401): systematic development of specific professional skills for providing effective, culturally sensitive health services to diverse populations.

  • Introduction to Dentistry (DEN 221): getting some hands on experience with dental procedures.

  • Volleyball (PHED 139a)

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