Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ultimate Unleashed

Some thoughts after my second ultimate frisbee practice with the Hellions:
  • Strangely, i'm starting to like the forehand throw a lot better than the backhand throw. It feels a lot more intuitive to me. I still have to learn how to snap my wrist more when I throw though.

  • One of the Hellions - Gilly - is the nicest person ever. She actively tries to make me feel like a part of the team!

  • Now that I've gotten the hang of forehands and backhands, they are trying to teach me OI (outside-in) throws and IO (inside-out) throws. In the OI throw, the outside of the disc is pointed up - the disc will fly outside and then inside towards the catcher. The IO throw (which I can't do) starts with the outside of the disc facing the ground. You throw it across your body and it will go out and to your catcher.

  • I've learned zone offense/defense and man defense.

  • I've also learned the apple and banana play. The apple play is initiated by the handler. One of the handlers will cut diagonally across the field to get the frisbee and initiate play. In banana, cutter #2 will run diagonally across to clear the zone. Cutter #3 will run deep and then hook back. Cutter #4 will run very deep and if needed, hook back. Cutter #1 will stay out of the way and if there is room, run all the way to the endzone to make a catch.

  • Role of the offense - stay to the side, run deep, and then cut towards the handler. If you don't get the frisbee, go back towards the sideline.

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