Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fourth Floor Renovations at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry

I'm making the most of the dwindling days until Southern California's unusual summer-like weather deserts us. Honestly, how many people can say that they have frolicked around in a sundress and spent a day at the beach in mid-January? According to the weather report, the temperature is expected to drop to the mid/low 60s within the next few days and it will rain on Monday.
Newly renovated lecture hall on the fourth floor of the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry.
While the carefree freshman were blissfully sunbathing on the grassy lawns in McCarthy Quad, I was holed up in the dental school research lab for much of the afternoon. Today was my first day back in the lab after a one week hiatus to take the DAT. I was surprised by the newly renovated lecture hall on the fourth floor that's equipped with two flat screen tvs on the outside. It smelled so new!

Gugghenheim Lecture Hall
How many other dental schools in the nation can boast about a $35 million donation from an alumni? I'm pretty stoked about USC School of Dentistry - within the past year, they have upgraded the entire 2nd floor clinic, the 3rd floor sim labs, and the 4th floor lecture halls (but apparently remodeling the research labs on the 4th floor is out of question). The money is also put to good use to "appreciate" dental students and staff - the administration forks out $5000 one Friday per month to buy food, refreshments, and alcohol for Dental Student Appreciation Day. I wish they could invest some of the $35 million in my dental school tuition in the near future. The USC School of Dentistry should decrease its exorbitant cost of tuition now that it was $35 million in the bank.
Lemon Macaron from Lemonade
Now I'm sitting in my bedroom eating an overpriced macaron from Lemonade (typical USC) and watching the sunset on this fine January day.

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