Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dental School Blog and Buttons

I logged onto Facebook today to see someone publicizing their new dental school blog. This comes a week after I started the blog for our pre-dental honor society. This comes approximately 9 months after I started my own dental school blog on Tumblr.

My reaction was twofold - 1) they are totally copying my idea and 2) wow, I started a new trend among people at USC. I'm probably taking too much credit for this but I still think its kind of cool. Nevertheless, my blog is different. It's personal. It's centered on pictures and stories. It is thoughtfully written. That's why you should read my blog.

You should keep reading because I ordered a pair of Urban Outfitter slip-ons last week for $15. They were kind of drab looking, so I decided to sew a few buttons onto them. The final product:

There are 9 girls in the apartment and nobody seemed to have a sewing kit. I had to make an impromptu trip down the the 99 cents store and grab a sewing kit. I'm actually proud of my sewing, not that sewing buttons takes a lot of skill and effort. But still, I've never sewed anything substantial in my life before.

And my shoes are very cute now! I've been wearing them around the house all afternoon.

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