Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is This What Growing Up Is About?

You know you are becoming an adult when you go into a grocery store and come out 10 minutes later with orange juice, yogurt, and organic spring mix salad, completely bypassing the candy and chips aisle. Talk about maturation of taste buds.

Grocery haul: orange juice, yogurt, and spring mix. 
And it's only befitting of the whole "growing up" and college process to be knee-deep in activities that will enhance your career. Except at the moment, as much as I would hate to admit, I'm sinking. You know that moment when you realize that you don't have time for everything you are signed up to do.

Between 17 units of academic classes, 2 separate dentistry research labs, being vice president of Delta Delta Sigma, Ayuda Clinic, Spread the Smile, dental school rotations, the Asian American Tutorial Project, playing on the club ultimate frisbee team, being a member of the USC Figure Skating club, signing up to shadow/first assist an oral surgeon, photography, blogging, and having a boyfriend (which is like an 8 unit class in itself), I simply don't have much time left over.

I swore back in freshman year that I wouldn't become involved in more than I could handle. I swore I wouldn't push myself to the brink like in high school. I swore that I would leave myself ample free time.

But now, I'm on the verge of burnout.

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