Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Tutee, Grace

Remember when I talked about tutoring elementary school children through the AATP program last week? Well this week, my tutee obliged to posing for my camera. She is adorable, well-behaved, extremely smart, and a great dancer. I feel like a proud Asian parent beaming with pride when I tell people that she finished both the second grade homework packet and the third grade homework packet within one hour. (It normally takes the kids one hour to finish one homework packet)

Meet Grace
Basically last week, I received the opportunity to shadow an oral surgeon. I turned it down and I'll go into the nitty-gritty details of the shadowing fiasco later. But I'm more relieved now after I politely turned down the offer. It also means that I get to spend my Saturdays with Grace.

She's 7 going on 8
She is in the second grade and is a pro at UNO
She also takes ballet
My boyfriend still makes fun of me for volunteering at AATP.

"Only Asian kids believe in going to school and studying on a Saturday. All the other kids just stay home and watch TV," he says.

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