Thursday, March 3, 2011

Athletic Medicine, Day 2

Second day at the athletic medicine internship. The only difference is that I was scheduled to work at the Galen Center instead of Heritage Hall. I almost feel as though I'm on a medical school rotation schedule, except that it involves less hours and the work I do is significantly more relaxed. No jokes - I got to the athletic medicine room at 9:30am and they had nothing better for me to do than fold towels for half an hour.

I actually like the athletic medicine room at the Galen Center a lot better than the one at Heritage Hall. The facilities are a lot newer, the atmosphere is more relaxed, and all the athletes in there are nicer and more approachable. I think I'm biased because I like the sports that train at the Galen Center (volleyball, basketball, and tennis) a lot more than the sports that visit Heritage Hall (football, track, swim, soccer).

I spent over an hour hanging out with the women's volleyball team - meeting the players, watching them do drills, watching them play an actual game, and feeling like a midget (because the majority of girls on the team are over 6ft tall). I ended up taking to Falyn Fonoimona for a while at the sidelines and later, Alex Jupiter came to shake my hand and introduce herself. They are definitely more approachable than the football guys.

Tomorrow marks my first 5:45am - 8:45am shift. Hopefully I will be able to roll out of bed in time. I do feel like it's slightly immoral to assign people shifts that occur before the sun even rises.

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