Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Hindsight, I Would Probably Be a Terrible Politician or Business Major

Ever since elementary school, I've abhorred election day speeches and the concept of "elections" in general. Election is simply a more formal term for popularity contests and campaigning for people's votes. The best candidate for the position does not necessarily get selected - those who can give great speeches or make witty Powerpoint presentations are often elected.

You can sense the bitterness dripping through my teeth at the moment. The problem with elections is that people don't actually see what the candidate does behind the scenes for the club. One candidate may be consistently late for meetings while the other one is consistently on time. One candidate goes to most of the service events while the other one is not present most of the time. One candidate takes initiative to complete tasks while the other candidate fails to even complete what is required of him or her - details that only insiders know. Yet when election rolls around, one candidate makes a presentation promising the extravagant impossibles and the intangibles and wins the election.

In hindsight, I would be a terrible politician or business major. It would be against every moral fiber of my being to promise things during an election that I can't fulfill 100% of the way. That's tantamount to lying.

For the most part, I'm over the whole election fiasco now. I've had therapeutic talks with a close friends and I realize that this twist of fate might have been for the better. For one, being Vice President is a relatively easy yet high ranked position. This will free up a lot of my time for other pursuits such as ultimate frisbee, athletic medicine, and research. Secondly, I won't have constant stress on my shoulders to make sure that meetings/events go as planned.

I might actually just relax and take the back seat for once in my life. Hey, if there is some incompetency in the club and things don't go as planned at meetings, it won't reflect badly on me right?

Okay, I need to stop being so bitter.


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