Friday, March 25, 2011

One Last Thing To Get Off My Chest

It's Friday.

As in the "it's end of the week" Friday and not the atrociously autotuned and awfully annoying song by Rebecca Black.

I hope that the weekend allows me to turn a new leaf because this week has just been awful in every sense of the word. But before I turn the page, I have a few last bones to pick with people.

  1. Dear Lab TA - what do you mean the amount of points we received for our lab presentation does not directly correlate with the grading rubric?! If you are going to assign me a grade for a presentation, you better have evidence to back up your judgement about which sections I got points docked off on. You cannot freaking stand there, smiling at me, and tell me that you assigned points by arbitrarily breaking down people into three categories: good presentations, average presentations, and not-good presentations. It's slightly deceiving when you told me that I did a good job on the grading rubric but then give me an average grade for the presentation itself. I hate it even more that when I confront you about the grading, you agree with me that the grading was somewhat arbitrary. For crying out loud, do something about it! "Well, I don't really remember your presentation anymore" you say, "but I'll keep this in mind for next year". I'm incensed right now - someone is going to get a failing grade on their TA Evaluation in the category of "fairness in grading" this semester.

  2. Dear DDS - I'm frankly interested in how next year is going to play out. By all means, good luck...

  3. Dear Athletic Medicine - you're kind of cold, I don't know how to explain it. There's a ton of people on the field yet it's still kind of lonely.

  4. Dear Ultimate Frisbee - I hate feeling perpetually confused and sometimes, I avoid practice on purpose because I feel like I'm on the outside looking in. You're kind of cold too...

  5. Dear USC Dental School Research Professors - is it too much to ask for to ANSWER YOUR EMAILS? I'd appreciate it if this doesn't consistently feel like a one way e-conversation. When people email you, it's proper etiquette to respond to the emails every once in a while. And if you don't want me to continue in your research lab, please tell me so instead of leaving me hanging on a cliff. That would be very much appreciated. It's making me reconsidering my inclination towards attending the USC School of Dentistry.

  6. Dear Kinesiology Professor - likewise, answering your email would be very much appreciated. There is a LOR request waiting for you. If you would prefer not to write it, please email me back too. I hate being left hanging, alright?


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