Friday, April 1, 2011

Hard Work With Perks

Happy Gullible Awareness Day!

I walked into work this morning at Heritage Hall to find the place infiltrated with yellow Peeps and glazed cinnamon rolls. As I opened the ice machine to get ice, I found the inside filled with Otter Pops. In the words of a football player, we got "punk'd". If getting "punk'd" means I'll be showered with free food, then so be it!

April Fools Day included getting 5 free items from American Apparel with a minimum of $10 purchase - the BEST deal ever!

While working in the Galen Center, I got a free preview of the Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Award. I noticed that Willow Smith was assigned her own backstage locker room (located in the USC Men's Basketball locker room) right next to Snoop Dog's locker room.

USC also has a tradition where students can get new/free student ID card on April 1st or October 31st of each year.

As well as a free Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences - in celebration of their historic $200 million donation to the USC College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.

Last but not least, I got a free escort back to my apartment from two of the guys on the USC football team - Christian and Martin. It's so sweet of them to remember me even when I'm not working on the football field and to ask me if I was planning to come to football practice tomorrow. They also asked me if I was going to eat at the Galen Dining Hall with the football team.

Anyhow, that was my April Fool's Day in summary. It seems that everyone is pretending to hook-up on Facebook as their April Fool's prank. After the 6th hookup on the Facebook news feed, the joke is becoming a little old. I can't wait for April Fool's Day next year.

Pictures from April Fool's Day in our apartment last year:

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