Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Would Be a Terrible Marathon Runner

There's a reason I stopped posting on my old Tumblr blogs that all of my close friends had access to. I hated constantly having to censor what I said through words for fear that I would be judged. I hated having to come across in my posts as a strong, unshakable pre-dental student who sees life through rose-tinted glasses. I hated not having a more private forum to spill all of my insecurities.

Which brings me back to my original purpose for this post - school. We're down to the last two weeks of class and per usual, I'm burning out and losing motivation. I barely studied for my anatomy lab practical today and as expected, I probably did horribly. Where in the world does the Peroneus Brevis and Peroneus Longus originate and insert? I haven't gone into a test feeling this unprepared in a while. It's the end of the semester.

"I'll just do better next semester", I always say to myself consolingly. Except I say this to myself at the end of each freaking semester and at some point, there won't be anymore "next semesters" left.

I would be a terrible marathon runner - I'd start out strong, get tired throughout the rest of the marathon, then give up and simply walk to the end line.

I'm like the 2010 Oklahoma City Thunders basketball team in the playoffs against the Lakers. They have so much potential but they are unable to close out the game and finish strong. They wound up eliminated in the first round of playoffs. The Lakers went on to win the NBA Championship.

I'd like to stop leaving my test results up to the whims of fate and prayer.

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