Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Disneyland Overload

We visited Disneyland and California Adventures yesterday, making it the second time I've been to Disneyland in a span of two months. A friend of mine was able to secure 6 free parkhoppers to Disneyland, courtesy of her dad's patients who had a silver pass (for salaried Disney cast members). Moral of the story: always be nice to your patients.

Is it a bad omen if I'm sick of Disneyland after going there 2 times within a span of two months? Am I growing up too fast? Am I becoming jaded? Am I losing my sense of youthful wonderment? Is all the "magic" being sucked out of my world already?

I think back too all those good times in high school where it seemed like my friends and I could never get enough of Disneyland. "Let's go to Matterhorn again!" we'd scream as we raced to the line of the ride.

We could never get enough of the magic that was Disneyland. We visited the park three times a year and never left Disneyland until after midnight, when the park closed and we were forcefully ushered out of the gates.

Yesterday, we were done with Disneyland by 9pm and couldn't wait to leave the park after the World of Colors show. Granted we were experiencing seemingly subzero temperatures in the middle of May but even the magic of Disney couldn't sustain our interest in the park any longer. What is wrong with us?

More pictures from Disneyland below:

The Cars ride at California Adventures
Tower of Terror!!
Bugs World at California Adventures
Posing as Toy Story characters at California Adventure
Showing Captain Jack Sparrow some love.
Lining up for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride
Pirates at the gift shop.
The Asian Jack Sparrow?
Disneyland lollipop that is roughly the size of our head.
Everyone bough a Pook-a-Looz because they were so damn cute (and 40% off!)

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