Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lakers vs. Mavericks

The Lakers vs. Mavericks game last night was simply horrific. We had this one in the bag, then we lost it. It was painful to say the least.

I might be sick in the head or crazy or thrown off or something like that, but I still think we are going to win this series,” Bryant said.

While I may not be willing to bet on this in Vegas, the fact that I'm still planning to watch Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals show that I still have hope.

But someone please get Pau Gasol to snap out of it. Someone tell the Lakers bench to be more productive and not blow a 16 point lead like in Game 1. And someone please bloody guard the mother fucker Peja Stojakovic - he should not be allowed to start raining 3-pointers like that.

Watching the Mavericks team is like watching the ghosts come out of the closet. The entire team is comprised of the old souls who played against the Lakers nearly a decade ago. They are the players whom I hated almost as much as I hated the Celtics last year - Peja Stojakovic (former Sacramento Kings), Jason Kidd (former New Jersey Nets), Shawn Marion (former Phoenix Suns), and Dirk Nowitski.

Which reminds me, why am I watching NBA games again? I had already given up watching basketball games for four years during high school to prevent myself from becoming too emotionally attached to the games. If you put in four hours of your time every other day to watching a basketball game, you would be emotionally invested in the team too. And if your team loses, you can't conceivably do anything productive after the game besides seething with anger or wallowing in misery.

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