Sunday, June 12, 2011

Highway to... Walnut

Four years ago, I received my first driver license. Quite against my will, I might add. My parents pretty much dumped me at the DMV in Pomona and forced me to take my driver's license test. Unlike normal teens who couldn't wait to hit the road at 16, I loathed driving. To this day, I still hate driving.

My first drivers license. Everybody loves to remind me about how I look 13 years old in this photo...
The first time I ever went on the freeway was with my driving instructor in the spring of 2007. We took the ramp onto the 60 freeway by Diamond Bar. I admitted defeat after 5 seconds and took the first exit off the freeway. Did he really expect me to drive the freeway when I could barely drive faster than the speed limit in residential areas?

I had to renew my drivers license for my 21st birthday last month. Surprisingly, I received my new California drivers license within one week of renewing. It took my roommate over 2 months to get hers. Thankfully I retook the picture so that I wasn't stuck looking like a 13-year old until 2016.

My new and improved over-21 drivers license!
In honor of my newfound 21 year old status and my new driver's license, my parents gave me their old 1996 Lexus on the condition that I would drive myself home from now on. So yesterday, I drove home via freeways for the first time in my life. Actually, it was the first time in my life that I drove on the freeway by myself. Ever. It was sort of a monumental experience for me.

It took me four long years to muster up enough courage to drive onto the entrance ramp of the freeway. I'm happy to say that I survived the drive.

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