Thursday, June 16, 2011

Workplace Irony

I came to work on Monday to find out that I had become unemployed. The library encountered a funding glitch and realized that they couldn't hire student workers unless:
  1. they had work study for the summer
  2. they were taking 6 units during the summer
  3. they are international students

Slightly exact and discriminatory policies, no? For one, few people actually have work study for the summer. Secondly, each class at USC is typically 4 units. How many people can actually take 6 units during the summer? Third, only hiring international students is pretty... discriminatory.

My coworker Mack captured our sentiments for the day pretty well over Facebook.

As well as the sentiments of our supervisors, who really didn't want to go through the hassle of re-training a batch of brand new student workers again. Especially since the new hiring policies meant that all of the student workers currently working at the library were fired.

On Tuesday, the administration resolved their funding issues and as a result, we had our jobs back. Then one of the student workers decided to quit on the same day, leaving only three of us to work in the library. The irony of the situation is that one day, I am unemployed, and the next day, my hours are drastically increased. As of now, I'm working from 3:30pm - 10pm (Monday - Thursday), 4pm - 8pm (Friday), and 1pm - 5pm (Saturday).

I've been complaining to my supervisors, asking them to hire another student worker to take over some of my hours. I think they are heeding my advice since we've had a ton of applicants for the new job opening.

Song of the Day
Dog Days Are Over (Florence and the Machine)

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