Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School, Senior Year Edition

I survived my first day of school of my senior year.

Wait, senior?

As in senior in college?

Damn. Time does fly. Because four years ago, I was definitely still a senior at Walnut High School, lost in a world that revolved around SAT, SAT II, AP tests, IB tests, and college apps. Looking back, it seems like my life has changed significantly since - expanding my boundaries, meeting unique characters, living independently in Los Angeles, growing up and maturing. At the same time, not much has changed- my life still revolves around the DAT test, midterms, finals, papers, not getting enough sleep, and dental school applications.

Senior Year Halloween - Green Arrow and Black Widow
Senior Year Halloween
Even after four years in college, there are some things that are still universal - arguing with parents, feelings of insecurity, those annoying cliques, and staring at your eye-candy/crush who just happens to be sitting in front of your in class.

And four years after leaving Walnut, I'm still surrounded by water polo guys. Some things definitely never change.

Senior Awards Night
I'm looking forward to senior year now just like I was looking forward to senior year back in 2007. For one, I am once again the big bad senior on campus. Unlike the confused slew of freshman, I know the campus like the back of my hand. Often times, I'm bored. I want to move on to the next chapter of my life and accomplish bigger things. But before that happens, I have to get over the hurdle otherwise known as "senior year".

Prom, 2008
And just when you have started to become accustomed to your surroundings, your classes, and your friends, graduation season arrives and everyone disperses. Some friends move halfway across the country, some remain nearby, some get engaged, and some you'll simply never see again.

Last day of high school

Once again, hello senior year!

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