Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Palomar Mountain State Park

For a long time, I've wanted to lie under the pitch black night sky and stargaze. To catch a fleeting glimpse of a shooting star. To find direction under the North star. And to purge my memories of my first stargazing encounter with (insert name of bad freshman year relationship here).

I love the way the stars breathe life into the night sky. I love the stillness of nature and the sounds of crickets. I love the soothing embers of firewood.

In the morning, I wake up to a gust of fresh air and the smell of nature. Pristine, undisturbed nature. Without the haze and carcinogenic smog that consumes the city.

Here, the thick trees engulf the roads. And frogs croak blissfully into the dead of the night. Well, maybe not so blissful for sleeping campers.

And the pond a little further off the road, where we caught one fish but lost four bobbers and hooks in the process.

Next to our campsite sits a trail that leads to a lookout at the top of the mountain. We never made it to the lookout.

Run-down signs along the path directed us towards a scenic route along the stream. Our trail was significantly easier than the trail towards the Bridge to Nowhere but a far more enjoyable experience.

We are an epic group of friends.

Song of the Day
How Six Songs Collide - Norwegian Recycling

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