Monday, September 5, 2011

Senior Year Stress

Following a leisurely weekend free of any kind of labor, words will be sparse tonight as I declare war on all of the assignments and projects that I have put off in the past four days.

I resolved to do nothing this weekend. And I did just that.

I watched a full season of Bones, went to Raging Waters, hung out with my family, ate copious amounts of food, watched a three hour Bollywood movie and somewhere along the way, forgot about all of my responsibilities as a student.

Now its 11:49pm. I'm attempting to finish an excessively long biomechanics lab report, skim through tomorrow's lab handout, and dash off a few paragraphs about accountable care organizations. This is on top of a never-ending to-do list that includes academic projects, dental school secondaries, athletic medicine internship, my job at the library, and other extracurriculars.

Blog posts may be sparse during this hell-ish semester

Song of the Day
Let Me Down Easy - Billy Currington

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