Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holiday Card Test Run

With the sun setting by 6:30pm each day and the weather getting noticeably chillier, fall is reigning in Southern California. My daily outfit consists of a thick jackets/coats now instead of my usual staple - light cardigans. Living in the city, I miss the colors of changing leaves overhead and the feel of crunching leaves under foot.

I don't particularly enjoy the cold weather. Though by the standards of Southern Californians, "cold weather" probably refers to "lukewarm weather" in other parts of the country. Like the northeast, for example. It's been seven years since I've visited New York City, a place which still captivates my imagination. Sometimes, I dream about what it would be like to attend dental school in the city. I pray fervently that NYU will offer me an interview soon.

The arrival of fall signals the nearing of winter and the joyous season of Christmas. To celebrate, I started making test runs of my holiday card this year. Enjoy!

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