Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Awkward Moment

There's the awkward moment of walking into the dental school admissions office, trying to talk about everything under the sun but the status of your dental school application. I try to focus on the task at hand for my pre-dental society but as I glance towards the right, I see a pile of dental school applications. On the table sits a stack of emails from applicants further hoping to impress the admissions committee by reaffirming their undying love for dentistry and their dream to become a part of the Trojan family.

I pretend not to notice the stacks of dental school applications, one of which may be mine. I pretend not to care about the list of dental school applicants they are interviewing.

As we walk out the door, the dental school admissions coordinator turns around and locks his eyes into mine. There is the period of silence when we both know that the topic of dental school applications is about to surface.

"So, have you gotten any interviews yet?" he asks, kindly.

I mull over his question. Is this a straightforward question, or does it have a deeper undertone and implication about my own dental school application?

"No interviews yet," I answer wistfully, "I'm just playing the waiting game right now. I'm still holding on to hope! Even though my GPA is slightly low, I'm hoping that my decent DAT scores can make up for it."

"Yes, you did really well on your DAT," he said, "I looked at your application and you scored absurdly high in one of the science sections."

His parting message to me - that admissions is still in the process interviewing people for dental school.

My mind has been playing games with his words all night, twisting them into different conformations like stereoisomers in organic chemistry. Does his words have a positive implication? A negative implication? Or am I supposed to take it at face value?

Maybe there is hope?

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