Friday, November 25, 2011

USC vs. UCLA, 2011

The glorious USC-UCLA rivalry game from two years ago, when UCLA decided to instigate a fight on the field. Back when the USC fans were sitting in the sidelines, chanting "HURRY UP AND LOSE!" with fervor.

I'm looking forward to watching the USC-UCLA rivalry game this Thanksgiving Weekend. For all you know, it coud be my last football game as a USC student.

If you are a Trojan fan and are looking forward to this game, make sure you read the Arrogant Nation Preview: USC vs. UCLA Bruins. It's strange to think that this is our last season on post-season ban. And after all of the football soap opera of the last two years:
"Penn State has child rape going on in the showers, Oregon/LSU have both been questioned about paying shady recruiting services, half of Miami’s players over the last decade have done cocaine on a sex yacht with a booster who had sideline access, Ohio State hid information about benefits from the NCAA and I am pretty sure Cam Newton took money from no less than three SEC schools (Auburn, Florida and MSU) and NONE of them got what USC got for Reggie Bush taking money from an ex-con who had no relationship with the school"

I'm really glad that Trojan football was able to stick the metaphorical middle finger in the face of the NCAA, former Miami athletic director Paul Dee, and the Pac 12's Larry Scott. In honor of an amazing year, I went ahead and invested in the "Bowls are for Salads" and "You Can't Sanction the Endzone" t-shirts.

Fight on!

Song of the Day
Fight On! - USC Fight Song

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