Friday, December 23, 2011

New York, Day 3

I call today the day of excessive food and shopping.
  • Alice and Teacup (Upper East Side) has really good scones and "spicy" hot chocolate. Unfortunately, the wait time was 2 hours so we took our food to-go and ate in Central Park.

  • Central Park
  • The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue marked the beginning of our day trying to push through hordes of people to get to places. While the glass entrance was beautiful, there was literally no standing room inside of the Apple store.

  • The LEGO Store (5th Avenue)

  • Shake Shack: the general consensus is that it is better than Five Guys but not as good as In-n-Out.

  • Central Park - Belvedere Castle
  • Uniqlo (5th Ave)
  • Walking along 5th Avenue during holiday season = bad idea, unless you enjoy getting jostled about as you walk. There is literally no breathing room here.

  • Radiance Tea House and Books - Yellow Mountain Mao Feng tea.
  • Walking by Hilton New York, where I stayed back in 2003.
  • The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
  • We wanted to stroll around Central Park but we were warned by our friends to vacate the park by 4:30pm. "In case you guys get lost and things start getting shady," they warned us.
  • Unlike yesterday, the weather was pretty cold today. Not freezing, but still cold.

Song of the Day
Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z

Because walking along 5th Avenue reminds me of pop/R&B/hip-hop music.

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