Monday, January 16, 2012

For the Love of Blood Oranges

I have this obsession with blood oranges.

It was literally love at first sight last year when I sliced apart the blood orange to unveil its rich red/purple hues. I couldn't describe what it was - it looked like an orange, though smaller in size, but the fruit within was completely different. The tangy sweetness of the fruit compounded with its exotic nature (aka. not found at the local Ralphs) made the blood orange an instant star on my list of favorite fruits.

So I braved the terrible, terrible Los Angeles traffic and drove to the closest Whole Foods in search of blood oranges. Word to the wise: don't shop at Whole Foods if you are operating on a student budget. Also, don't shop at the Whole Foods (Fairfax) on W. 3rd Street unless you want to die from traffic congestion and pedestrians. I ended up spending $50 at Whole Foods, which is double what I usually spend at Ralphs.  It completely killed my grocery budget for the month. On the bright side, I did end up with a nice selection of exotic (not-found-at-Ralphs) food: blood oranges, butternut squash, naan, beet chips, organic kefir, chocolate covered Goji berries, etc.

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