Saturday, January 14, 2012

In four years, I'm going to be a dentist

I'm still overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude over my acceptance to dental school. The good news is inspiring me to rejuvenate this blog, which has sat dormant for some time. I'm kicking off this new chapter in my life with a new banner. The goal is to create a new banner every month - so this is my January banner!

I'm still amazed that I was accepted to the USC Ostrow School of Dentistry Class of 2016. After the fiasco of December 1, I had been talking to family and friends about my future and my available options. I had already started to plan out a course of action in case I didn't get into dental school this cycle - an informal post-bacc program to improve my GPA, perhaps finding a job as a dental assistant, more volunteer activities, and getting involved in research. I even seriously flirted with the idea of moving to Arizona to open my own cafe which would feature Taiwanese shaved snow (modified for American taste buds), dessert crepes, and Urth Cafe-inspired latte art coffee. I actually ran this idea by my mom, who blew up at me.

"I didn't pay four years of tuition at the University of Southern California so you could open a shaved snow store!"
She'll be glad to learn that my dreams of selling desserts are temporarily/permanently put on hold.

My goal is to work diligently in dental school to:
  1. Ensure that the admissions committee won't regret selecting me as a member of the USC Dental School Class of 2016

  2. Become a skilled and educated clinician so that I can successfully help people

  3. Prove to myself that I am as capable or even more capable than others of becoming an excellent dentist and dental student.

Have a beautiful MLK holiday!

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