Friday, February 24, 2012

University of the Pacific Update

I received a call this morning from the University of the Pacific informing me that I have been placed on their alternate list. Though this should be rather depressing news to most, it's not a really big revelation for  me. I had gone to the University of the Pacific interview knowing that I was vying for a spot on the alternate list. Though it was a little bit of a shock to me that despite my less than stellar interview there, they selected me for a spot on the alternate list. Does everyone who interview automatically get placed on the alternate list?

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  1. Randomly came across your blog.. I don't know if admissions has changed in the last few years (probably has) but I was also placed on the alternate list for UOP and funny enough they let me know right before I was about to submit a letter of intent to SC. Fast forward two years later: I am now in my 2nd year and couldn't be happier with my decision. My advice is to explore your options and see where life takes you. Good luck, from a fellow SC alum to another!