Friday, May 4, 2012

Moment of Creativity

I've recently been inspired by photography and post-processing. These fleeting spurts of inspiration generally arise when there is a heap of unpalatable work that ought to be done (i.e. finals). Instead, I spend my precious time sifting through cool photos, camera reviews, photography blogs, and occasionally, Corgi-flop videos (you. must. watch. this. video!!!).

I'm drawn to the look of photos taken by film cameras, though I don't actually know how to operate a film camera. It's something that I should learn in the near future, perhaps.

But today also marks a monumental occasion: it's the first time I shot RAW. In other words, I need to buy a bigger SD card. I take this photography business slow. Like, really slow. It took me almost a year to finally give up my trusty and portable point-and-shoot in favor of a DSLR. Then it took me nearly two years to shoot in full manual mode. Now, I've seen the light and I'm finally shooting in RAW.

Without further, I present to you my scarf... my bedroom... and my new logo.

Song of the Day
A Case of You - James Blake (cover of the original Joni Mitchell song)

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