Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hanging Out With the USC DDS Class of 2016

Hanging out with a few members of the USC DDS Class of 2016 at the Delta Sigma Delta house. Summer barbecues, basketball games, and a shared passion for dentistry - I think it's going to be an amazing four years!

Song of the Day
Percussion Gun - White Rabbits

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Summer Afternoon

(I'm afraid of posting Tumblr-esque posts on my blog. The succinct and slightly frivolous Tumblr posts are a complete antithesis to my notion of what a real blog post should look like - eloquent and with depth of thought. But alas, how else am I supposed to document my pre-dental school summer without the occasional Tumblr-esque post?)

Ice cream and Hong Kong-styled Monopoly Deal with the high school friends.

Song of the Day
Silenced by the Night - Keane (Alesso Remix)

The Epilogue of My Undergraduate Career

My bachelor diploma arrived in the mail this week and I have been brandishing it around like an 8.5 x 11 inch trophy. The piece of paper represents the culmination of my undergraduate experiences. Much like an epilogue of a novel, it ties together my last four years and places an authoritative stamp of finality - "You've graduated and will be moving on to bigger things. Finis."
I look back at my undergraduate career with mixed emotions (which I am partly to blame). The amazing thing about our education at USC is the opportunity to learn about vastly different subjects across a broad spectrum, like a Renaissance scholar. You can major in biological sciences and pursue a minor in songwriting or you can double major in neuroscience and business administration. As Keith Ferrazzi said, "Human ambitions are like Japanese carp; they grow proportional to the size of their environment".

The "environment" is most certainly abundant at USC and in the greater Los Angeles area. The only limitation is the person's willingness to step out of his or her way to seize the experiences available and to fully utilize the renown "Trojan network". I cringe as I think back to my freshman self, as we sat on the floor in our dorm and talked about our dreams and aspirations for the next four years at USC. While others hoped to become an influential member of the Undergraduate Student Government, become a member of the Order of the Torch, or study abroad in Barcelona, I stated that I wanted to cut back on my involvement in organizations and focus on getting good grades in order to get into dental school. Today, those people whom I conversed with freshman year seem to have achieved their goals and more. They have found a comfortable social niche on campus and have maximized their undergraduate experience. As for me, I achieved my freshman year goal too - getting into dental school. Still, it was foolish to believe that I would maximize my undergraduate experience by locking myself away in my room with my books. Looking back, the three biggest regrets of my undergraduate experience are:
  1. Not taking advantage of all the amazing experiences that USC had to offer, whether it be service organizations, student government, club sports, or study abroad programs.
  2. Not finding a permanent social niche
  3. After eight semesters, not being able to pinpoint a specific course or professor and say "hey, this course/person made a monumental impact on my educational career/my world view/my dreams and aspirations". And not having found an inspirational mentor.
Despite these undergraduate shortcomings, I still look back at the past four years with fond memories. I look forward to continuing on as an eight-year Trojan, building upon the positive aspects and the shortcomings of my undergraduate career.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things to Accomplish This Summer

  • Learn French
  • Improve my conversational Spanish skills
  • Improve my conversational Chinese skills (in Taiwan)
  • Learn how to play the ukulele
  • Learn how to play guitar
  • Take voice lessons
  • Master Adobe InDesign
  • Learn how to edit videos in Final Cut Pro X
  • Work out and get in shape (P90x)! 

So many things to accomplish, so little time before dental school commences! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Old Stomping Ground

The first video I made so pray excuse the subpar filming quality and editing techniques.

My friend and I thought it would be worthwhile to visit our old high school post-college graduation. Spurred by morbid curiosity, we returned to our old stomping ground. You know, where we fell asleep in AP History, where we asked a boy out to Sadies, and where we ate lunch (on the ground, underneath the F building because clearly we were too ghetto for chairs and tables). It's fascinating how distant our high school selves seem and it's frightening how old we are becoming.