Sunday, August 5, 2012

Taiwan 2012: Kenting National Park

A two hour drive took us from Kaohsiung, my father's childhood hometown, to Kenting National Park, the southernmost tip of Taiwan. It's amusing because only a few days ago, we were in Yehliu - the northernmost tip of Taiwan. This time around, I literally traveled from the northernmost tip of Taiwan to the southernmost tip of Taiwan.

Kenting is seemingly magical. The clear blue sky is interspersed with rolling clouds of cotton. The gentle blue waves from the ocean rhythmically wash onto shore while the golden mid-afternoon sun showers its magic on land.

The water in Kenting is actually a shade of blue instead of the usual murky brown hue that characterizes Los Angeles beaches. Best of all, the water is perfect in temperature - a necessity to satisfy our inner Goldilocks. It's a welcome change for someone who grew up in the vicinity of Los Angeles beaches, where the water is frigid cold in the summer despite the fact that the outside thermostat exceeds 100F.

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