Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 42: ASDA Rep

Remember how I was bummed about not being chosen as a student ambassador?

Well, it turns out that I was selected to be USC Class of 2016 student representative for ASDA! I never truly believed that I would win the position of student rep - there were over 40 students vying for this 1 position.

Prior to entering dental school, I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in dental school. Clearly, the dental gods were listening to my fervent prayers because getting involved with organized dentistry on a national level was one of my goals. I believe that it is important to expand your boundaries as a student and meet people and mentors from diverse backgrounds. I believe that it is important to get involved in something on a national level, away from the confines of home. Sometimes dental students pigeonhole themselves into a constant routine of books, tests, and sim lab without ever seeing the bigger picture of dentistry. It's a trap that I vowed not to fall into as I matured into an old, jaded dental student.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to represent our school at ASDA. I'm excited about the opportunities to travel around the country and the new experiences/people that I will meet.

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