Sunday, November 25, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump from My First Trimester of Dental School

Here are a myriad of iPhone pictures that I took during the first trimester of dental school. Excuse my lack of posts for the next two weeks as I prepare for the ultimate battle - final examinations...

Our first week of dental school - taking impressions and making casts.
Fun times trimming our casts (aka. waiting in line for 30 minutes to trim a cast because there are only 6 model trimmers for 144 students...)
First football game of the season - USC v. Hawaii
Breakfast at The Griddle in Hollywood.
The AMAZING cheesecake french toast from The Griddle!
Concept map for our second PBL case.
Trying to figure out the physics and chemistry behind radiographs with my PBL group.
Radiology rotation with our good friend Dexter.
My first set of bitewing and periapical radiographs.
Cranial nerves...
Results from our first timed practical exam (TPX). I did pretty well - 95/100 on the Class I Prep and 70/75 on the amalgam condensation!
Trip to Chicago for the ASDA National Leadership Conference.
Visiting a tea shop in Chicago.
The Ferris Wheel at Conquest.
Watching Childish Gambino perform at Conquest.
Thanksgiving feast during our PBL session. Our facilitator even brought a box of doughnuts!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012