Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Catching My Breath

This past trimester of dental school has truly been a testament of willpower. The intensity of schoolwork went from 0 to 60 in a matter of 2 seconds. All semblance of life outside of school came to a crashing halt. 

Between our slew of midterms (anatomy midterm + indirect restoration timed practical exam + general midterm week) and our upcoming slew of tests (perio OSCE + anatomy final + indirect restoration written final + final exam week), I'm taking a moment to stop and catch my breath. And blog. Otherwise you would all think that I have forgotten how to blog. 

There are a few pearls that I have picked up from this past trimester. 
  • Sometimes, your grades are inversely proportional to the amount of effort expended. This is the trimester of irony. Before my second indirection restoration practical exam, I did 6 crown preps and provisionals for practice. I ended up getting a 83. Before my final indirect restoration practical exam, I did exactly 1 crown prep and provisional for practice. I ended up getting a 95. Go figure... 
  • When time becomes a commodity, you learn to pick your battles. There isn't enough time in the day to study and practice for every single class. You quickly learn that there are classes that are super important to you (i.e. crown preps, provisionals, head and neck anatomy) and then there are the classes that you couldn't give a rats tail about (i.e. scaling and root planing). Just don't let my perio faculty see this... 
  • It's okay to date within your class. We were warned against interclass dating when we started dental school last August. But as time passed, there was an increasing amount of the "we are together all the time so why the heck do we not just get together right now" sentiment. As of July, there are quite a handful of happy couples within our class. I'm a newly minted member of the interclass couple party. 
Fig and Olive
Meet R :)
  • If you are craving high-end food on a budget, go try DineLA. Considering how much I love food, it's one of my favorite things to do. This past weekend, we ate at Fig and Olive in West Hollywood. For $25, I tried: 
Fig and Olive DineLA
Lobster Bisque
Fig and Olive DineLA
Beef Tartar
Fig and Olive DineLA
Chicken Tajine
Fig and Olive DineLA
Chocolate Pot de Creme

All while sitting two tables away from Halle Berry. 

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