Friday, August 23, 2013

Fujifilm XF1

Over the years, I've been looking for a good point-and-shoot pocket camera that I can take with me at all times. I haven't really touched a point-and-shoot camera since I began shooting DSLR 4 years ago. But at one point or another, all photography enthusiasts realize that a DSLR is not an appropriate camera for all occasion. Like hikes that involve treacherous terrains and water crossing, for instance. Or parts of town where you fear that you might get mugged because you are holding a $2,000 camera in your hands. Or, in my latest example, a vacation in Cabo. 

Fujifilm XF1

There is something inherently unsafe about traveling with a camera that is worth more than the contents of you and your boyfriend's entire luggage COMBINED. Accounting for the camera body, lens hood, lens cap, and 3 lenses, DSLRs are also not conducive to traveling light. Or being used in situations that involve strangers, water (i.e. beaches, pools), and/or alcohol. 

Before taking off for Atlanta in April, I played around with a few simple point-and-shoot cameras and compact system cameras (fake DSLRs). I may have been expecting the photos to be nearly on par with the quality of photos from my Nikon DSLR. Stupid unrealistic expectations, I know. But the image quality of those cameras were terrible. The designs were terrible and non-user friendly. Those cameras were an eyesore. 

First photo taken with the Fujifilm XF1. Not bad! 

So I've been using my iPhone to take pictures for the past few months. But it always irked me that I had to sacrifice quality for convenience and portability.

This time around, I think I finally found THE ONE. The Fujifilm XF1 is a compact retro-styled camera with a faux-leather body.  In other words, it's super sexy. And it takes fantastic photos!

Although I haven't had time to test out all of the XF1's functions, it's pretty much love at first sight. I think I have finally found my pocket-sized travel companion. 

Fujifilm XF1

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