Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Getaway in Cabo San Lucas

***Disclaimer: pictures were taken by R; I stole them from his Facebook. 

Back in April, R and I talked endlessly about going on a cruise to the Caribbean. We planned for a quick 4 day getaway to paradise. The flights, food, and accommodations were within our VERY LIMITED student budget. It was a perfect vacation plan - until all of our friends bailed on us... 

So we canceled our spring break plans, but not without promising each other that we would do something spectacular during summer vacation. "This vacation will happen in August", we reiterated to each other, "regardless of whether our friends bail on us or not." 

Three days after the last final of our first year of dental school (WE SURVIVED!!!), we made a quick getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Just the two of us. 

The weather was slightly overbearing - sunny with a high of 97F. But the vast expanse of beaches, resort pools, and swim up bars made up for the scorching heat. 

We spent our days doing a whole lot of nothing and enjoying every single minute of it. I even had time to lay by the resort pool and read Dan Brown's new novel Inferno. It was a welcome change considering I haven't had time to read anything besides science textbooks, dental textbooks, and learning needs since school started last August. 

The vacation was AMAZING. RIU Santa Fe, room 7486. Infinity pools. Swim-up bars. FlambĂ©ed coffee. Water taxis. Mango deck. Jetskiing in the Sea of Cortez. Sighting the pirate ship. Super comfortable lounge chairs. Dancing like crazy on the deck of the Cabo Escape cruise. Giggling Marlin & Squid Roe. Falling asleep on the beach at 1am in the morning. 

It was the perfect vacation to celebrate the end of our first year of dental school. It was also a perfect first vacation for R and me (and hopefully the first of many more to come)!

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