Friday, May 16, 2014

Links I Love | 02

  • Are you short on cash but need dental work? Go to a dental school! Dental schools offer dental work at a significantly reduced price. You can also get free dental work done during WREBs season in California. WREBs is the dental licensing exam that dental students must take before they can practice in certain states. Other ways to get free or less expensive dental care if you don't have dental insurance
  • If you have a Mac, memorize these keyboard tricks
  • For all bloggers out there - a history of blogging. I feel like I've grown up with the advent of blogging. I started my first blog on Xanga in middle school. Then Blogspot in high school. I dabbled with Tumblr and Wordpress in college. Now I'm back to Blogspot. 
  • Based on cutting edge research, here are 5 powerful nonverbal gestures in communication. 
  • I'll be graduating dental school in 2016 with almost half a million in loans. I'm intimately familiar with student debt. It's hard to get more loans to buy a house if you are already knee-deep in student loan debt. Are student loans killing the housing market

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Overprescribe Recognition

Three weekends ago, I attended the ASDA Spring Council Meeting in Chicago. Leadership development training. Council meetings. Negotiation skills. Writing workshops. We sat through hours upon hours of meetings, armed with a strong cup of coffee in hand.

Through all of this, one statement from former ASDA speaker of the house, Dr. Ryan Dulde, stood out to me. 

Overprescribe recognition

It's a brilliant tactic in leadership. Perhaps even more important in everyday life. 

According to a Harvard Business Review blog article, if you're feeling unappreciated, give someone else credit.  
Appreciation generates the positive emotions that cultivate respect and tolerance for the other person’s beliefs and opinions and actions... But appreciation has to be a two-way street; to create an appreciation culture, the leader has to get the ball rolling. 
Everyone instinctively wants and needs to be appreciated. By expressing appreciation, we create an air of positivity. One of the amazing things that our Editor in Chief of the editorial board does is begin each meeting by recognizing the positive contributions of each individuals and the team. Simply put, doling out recognition. 

There are times when teams are derailed because everyone is playing the credit game. 
By this we mean that everyone focuses on what he or she did personally for the success of the business, denying the contributions of others.  The problem with the credit game is that it’s generally a zero-sum game.  For Jim to win, Jane has to lose.  Placing too much emphasis on individual accomplishments saps everyone’s willingness to sacrifice for a collective goal.
Often, we get trapped in the "I" mentality. I accomplished this. I was instrumental to the success of the project. I played a pivotal role in achieving this goal. We forget to recognize the contributions of others. 

If there is one thing I've learned from ASDA and organized dentistry, it is this: it takes a team to succeed. Every member plays an equally important role in advancing the team. You can't achieve success by working alone. Most of all, you can't sit idly in a sea of resentment because you feel under appreciated. 
You can’t just yell:  “Hey! I’m working my tail off! Appreciate me!”  Appreciation, as Harry found, is like playing catch – you need to throw the ball to have it come back.
As leaders, we should start a chain reaction of positivity by showing heartfelt appreciation to the members of our team. As Dr. Ryan Dulde succinctly stated - overprescribe recognition. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

My 2014 Travel Log

January 2014 | Ringing in the New Year (San Francisco, CA)
San Francisco
San Francisco Ferry Building

February 2014 | American Student Dental Association (ASDA) Annual Session (Anaheim, CA)
ASDA Annual Session Editorial Board Meeting
ASDA Annual Session Disneyland
ASDA Editorial Board

April 2014  | American Student Dental Association (ASDA) Spring Council Meeting (Chicago, IL)
ASDA Editorial Board

April 2014 | Spring Break Vacation (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

May 2014 | ASDA District 11 Leadership Retreat (Lake Tahoe, CA) 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Links I Love | 01

I read a lot of blogs. 
Sometimes, I wake up in the morning only to be greeted by 219 new blog posts on my Feedly account. There are so many cool blog posts (dentistry related and not) that I want to share. I think I have finally found my platform! Introducing my new weekly feature - Links I Love

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transitioning from Pre-Clinical Dentistry

Five trimesters into our dental school education, we have finally graduated from sim lab life. No more typodonts. No more exorbitantly expensive plastic teeth. No more timed practical exams. We now have to deal with real patients who have real teeth and real problems. 

However, the first gate we must jump through this summer is our NBDE Part 1 Exams. The school gives us a light course load this summer to facilitate board exam studying. I haven't seen so much white space in my schedule in a while. Below is my schedule for the week. Reference our schedule from January 2014 for comparison. 

Ostrow School of Dentistry Third Year Schedule

Ostrow School of Dentistry Second Year Schedule

Nobody quite knows what to do with all this newfound time on our hands. We have been so accustomed to the 8-5 grind (with the accompanying nighttime sim lab hours) that this excess free time is almost terrifying. What do you mean I don't have class until 2pm? What do you mean I have to be at school for only 2 hours today? 

Naturally, the first thing our class collectively does with our excess free time is to hit the gym. Gotta get the summer body back! 

What is your post-sim lab life like?