Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transitioning from Pre-Clinical Dentistry

Five trimesters into our dental school education, we have finally graduated from sim lab life. No more typodonts. No more exorbitantly expensive plastic teeth. No more timed practical exams. We now have to deal with real patients who have real teeth and real problems. 

However, the first gate we must jump through this summer is our NBDE Part 1 Exams. The school gives us a light course load this summer to facilitate board exam studying. I haven't seen so much white space in my schedule in a while. Below is my schedule for the week. Reference our schedule from January 2014 for comparison. 

Ostrow School of Dentistry Third Year Schedule

Ostrow School of Dentistry Second Year Schedule

Nobody quite knows what to do with all this newfound time on our hands. We have been so accustomed to the 8-5 grind (with the accompanying nighttime sim lab hours) that this excess free time is almost terrifying. What do you mean I don't have class until 2pm? What do you mean I have to be at school for only 2 hours today? 

Naturally, the first thing our class collectively does with our excess free time is to hit the gym. Gotta get the summer body back! 

What is your post-sim lab life like? 


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